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Nov. 29th, 2008

<< i wonder what's..>>


Christmas huh?

Be the first time I shop by myself.

Nov. 8th, 2008

[i think i'm on to somethin!]

....Baby, we're back in business. >;3


No damn doctor looking me in the face like I'm dead or something or saying, "OH POOR ORPHAN GIRL" with his eyes. Yes, he's evil glaring eyes. No, after a while, I thought he was good but noooo--

*Kallen has been in the hospital too long*

Mm, I think I'll celebrate getting out of here by buying gummy worms!

Anyone want to come frolic with hospital-free Kallen today?! :D :D 

Oct. 18th, 2008

[behind blue eyes]


[voice muffled, sounds like she's crying]

I'm home...

B-but no one's there...

[voice breaks off]

[high-pitched, as if trying to cheer herself up]

B-but the pills are here...great, drugs right? X)

And the doctors check on me every once in a while.

[Private/Hackable to Friends]

I remember how you spoke to me...

It was strange to see your face not covered in blood--
Last time we spoke I was covered in ashes and bruises.

...Last time we spoke I held your hand and we didn't say anything.

You just smiled at me, and told me to be happy.

And I wondered how I could ever be happy in a world without my onii-sama.

I wanted to tell you that Mom is dying..Wanted to tell you that I can't do this on my own.
Stupid bastard..

Wanted to tell you that I still love you like hell and more than the whole damn world.

...Why can't I?
[End Unhackable]
Maybe seeing him again is my Halloween this year.

Oct. 10th, 2008

[beautiful girl]


[Kallen opens her eyes slowly; surrounded by tubes and the walls are white]




Oct. 2nd, 2008

[beautiful girl]

(no subject)

...Well, Allen-san is pretty sick. I'm a bit worried about him.


Oh, and I think I found another job. Though I don't have a lot of friends in this city, It has a comforting feeling..is that strange? -tilts head-

Oh, and thank you so much C.C! I was really glad to meet a girl around my age. Not that I don't mind guys, but I'd certainly like to get to know you better. -smiles-

..Okay, so two jobs...if I add one more, that can't kill me right?
Hmm...well, she's not doing too good right now.

But I've saved enough for this week..

Please hang in there Mom.-shaky smile- I'm trying as hard as I..as hard as I---

*redhead sways suddenly, grabbing onto the wall as her vision blurs*

...so many colors...lately...

Sep. 11th, 2008

[beautiful girl]


(I'm stupid. I deleted my entry by mistake. ><; But Kallen still met Allen and Hanatarou I'll just post afterwards.)

I actually got food...I haven't eaten food in about a week now! Well, it was for mom after all. She needs all the money I can make un--I mean, working. Allen-san and Hanatarou-chan sure are nice. I'd like to play with you sometime, Allen-san! :)
[Screened only to Pro-Ban]
...As for Zero, hmm, I don't know what I should do. I know I'd be really useful at helping but, for now, I'm at a standstill with mom and the bills. ..

...hmm..should I get another job?
I'm so tired though when I get back, I just go home and sleep. What's worse, I tripped in the middle of the street yesterday. I never trip.....I think it's taking a toll on my body.


..A-anyway, I'm sure there are a lot more people that I haven't met yet. I wonder who I'll meet today...Hmm.